By our level hierarchy and administration we can invest 95% of our donation income directly in our projects or the affected persons comes to good. To guarantee a sure payment we have decided for the platform ammado like the German Red Cross, amnesty Internationally and the refugee's charitable organisation of the United Nations UNHCR. About this platform you have to let to come up a sure and huge number of payment possibilities to us your donation.
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Search a new challenge or you want to help us in an honourary capacity. We are pleased always very much when people want to help us with your personal support. Apply at the email address: with your detailed application papers, as well as which interest area they are interested. We will contact as soon as possible after examination of your documents you.

We fight against corruption in authorities, justice and the free enterprise. We represent as an organisation the accusation side with the help of the state authorities as well as the European Commission (OLAF) and the United Nations (UNODC).

We help affected person and your member at authorities, justice and institution. Our consultation is free. We point with legal matters to our lawyer's partners for the legal adviser's representation.
​The assumption of costs or cost subsidies can be also granted by our side in isolated cases

Since 2014, establishing the organization, we are active in Human Rights in Europe and Asia. The tasks detect advice and assistance in questions of human rights violations, as well as to support their victims. Projects such as construction of a European vocational training system in trade and crafts in Southeast Asia, supports micro existence founders in Asia and Europe, and immigration using immigrate with the support of the authorities and the industry in England and Wales, we started in 2015.

​In 2016, we will do our core activities focus on consulting, control and publication of human rights violations in developed countries in Europe. His tasks are fighting and publication of human rights violations in the judiciary and to authorities. One focus is the discovery and publication of corruption cases be their institutions in this context. Important issue is the human right to be heard and equality before the contentious proceedings. Combating form of torture "statement extortion in office" and the 3rd class society to justice are some focal points of our future tasks in Europe.

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​ for your interest area in detail and exclusively by our projects. They have the choice of two memberships SILVER for 50 euros (year) or PREMIUM for 100 euros (year).

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Our everyday work puts up many juridical questions, hence, we search partner in the area of Lawyers and lawyers who help to us free of charge to master these hurdles. Interest?

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